The pandemic that has plagued the country for the past 2 years has had enough of an impact on
the community. Especially for the less fortunate, the situation that forces them to languish in the
house is enough to dampen the spirits of all family members.

Usually, we hear about the groans of adults who are facing a financial crisis and struggling to find a
livelihood in times of a pandemic.

But have we ever asked about the condition of our children? Even if they have no commitment,
how does the pandemic Bme affect them?

It turns out that the period of being in the house for too long has deprived the children of interest
in studying and going to school. This fact was also agreed by UNICEF.

Those of us who sit in a well-equipped home with a variety of amenities may not be aware of
this issue. Azlan Shah, who actively visits needy families in Malaysia through the ARBA
Foundation, sees this issue as quite serious. Through his observations, most 9-year-olds are still not
good at reading, writing and counting.

Their parents are also distressed to see the children's performance declining since the time of this
pandemic as well as raising concerns about the future of children.

Not only do they have to deal with economic poverty, but they also have to deal with learning

Managing a child is not an easy thing for parents, let alone for a single mother. The challenge is
seen to be greater for single mothers who struggle to manage all things alone.

This matter cannot be tolerated. Children's enthusiasm and motivation need to be restored to
build a positive character and identity.

From there, Azlan was tickled to develop the Adiwira Project to develop talents and extracurricular
activities as well as to restore the children's spirit to learn.

The project started 10 weeks ago by sponsoring and sending some children to join a football club
or academy. All costs including fees, equipment and transportation are borne as required.

Azlan was quite pleased to receive very encouraging feedback from the parents and coaches

Children who previously lacked self-confidence and were not interested in school showed a fairly
significant change.

Among the participants who showed such good progress was Zakwan's younger brother, 9 years
old. Despite dropping out of school a little, this little boy showed considerable interest and
potential in football.

By providing opportunities and facilities to practice, Azlan believes that the potential of this young
child can be developed.

He has also started enrolling Zakwan to join a local community football club. Zakwan and his family
are really very happy after participating in this program.

Seeing the positive effects, Azlan and the ARBA FoundaBon are now exploring opportunities and
other areas of talent to be included in the Adiwira Project.

"Not only football, various sports and other talents are also given attention, regardless of men or
women. Sports and not sports, ”said Aizlan via Facebook.

Commenting further, Azlan believes all children have special talents. It is our job to give them
space to highlight their potential.

He is also confident that this method will at once restore children's interest in learning and going
to school.

Welcoming officers from Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah Hulu Langat, Pn. Shazlin dan Pn. Khalidah.
We were discussing on several social issues involving parents who came to Klinik Kesihatan in Hulu
Langat. They were seeking the help of our team to possibly assist some poor families who seek
help beyond medical assistance.

This is not the first Bme that we have collaborated. Previously, we had vigorously worked on Projek
Susu Ibu. An outreach program which helped pregnant mothers living in poverty get the proper
food and assistance from lactation counsellor.

We believe working with the right people helps give the long-term solutions that are needed.

Salam and good day everyone! Here is an awaited update to all who has contributed to ARBA Foundation throughout the bless month of Ramadhan!

Alhamdulillah, a total of RM140,750 has been distributed to 447 poor families whom applications are successful throughout the month of Ramadhan. Each applications and documents submitted online were verified by our team to avoid any fraudulent activities.

Our largest recipients are from the state of Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, and Pahang.

On average, each families have at least four members in a household and majority of them have a household income lower than RM1500 per month with odd jobs of selling food by the street, restaurant helper, sales agent, construction worker, safety guard or cleaning worker.

The following are the highest group of household income:

27.8 % are earning RM700-RM1000 25.1% are earning RM1000-RM1500 18.6% are earning RM500-700

Although majority of the applicants are married, they are mostly dependent only on their husband's income and earnings. Wives are often responsible of the household chores and taking care of their children. Being dependent on only one partner's income is not enough but childcare services is something that they could never afford too.

Surviving with insufficient basic needs and under high emotional pressure are not easy. The worst part is, some of these housewives are left by their husbands without proper care.

While some of the families managed to receive some help from state bodies, JKM, Zakat/ Baitulmal and others, majority of the families struggled to receive similar help due to insufficient available documents.

With these data, we hope we could shed some light to our donors on the real situations of these families. The only way to help better is to always understand the reality of it all.

Your continuous support matters and we are grateful for the trust that has been given towards our effort in ARBA Foundation. Our biggest hope for these families is to escape the generational poverty and rightfully live a better life.

Together we can build a thriving Malaysia

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