Source: Forbes, New York Times

Big scientific finding shows that by just giving the families more money, even a modest amount of
more money leads to better baby brain development.

The money altered brain development by the purchase of better housing, food or health care,
reduced damaging levels of parental stress, or allowed mothers to work less and spend more time
with their infants.

Results of the study indicated that parents living in poverty could be trusted to make good decisions when given an unconditional cash gift each month.

Researchers measured stronger high-frequency brain activity which is associated with improved language, cognitive and social-emotional functioning among healthy 1-year-olds whose families received cash gift per month for a year.

Poor children on average start school with weaker cognitive skills, and neuroscientists have shown
that the differences extend to brain structure and function. Poverty holds children back from their
earliest moments.

A year’s worth of cash aid has made a difference in their babies' brain development in this big
scientific finding. Help us shape the future of the children in poverty. Your generosity matters.

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