Breastfeeding is a Natural “Safety Net”

Breastfeeding is a fight to alleviate poverty. It takes the infant out of poverty for those first
few months in order to give the child a fairer start in life.

Unfortunately, living in poverty forced these mothers to feed their babies with diluted
condensed milk or tea to survive.

This leads to irreversible stuntedness among poor children.

Stuntedness in Children Causes Learning Difficulties

Breastfeeding is vital for a newborn. It is their first source of nutrition and natural
immunity that enhances optimal brain and physical development.

Many established studies suggest that childhood undernutrition, marked by
stunting, is connected with age-long reduction in cognitive and physical

Early intervention is crucial as it will directly impact their future in learning
abilities and career development competencies.

Poor Moms Struggle to Breastfeed

Along with the lack of education and awareness, financially vulnerable mothers struggle significantly to breastfeed. They need continuous support from family, breastfeeding counsellors and society at large.

Alarmingly, 2 out of 5 children are stunted in Malaysia. However, the efforts to cut the number of stunted children under five, according to the Global Nutrition Report is worsening.

After the age of 5 years, stuntedness is irreversible. We are running out of time to secure a better future for these children. The best time to start was yesterday, the next best time is now.
How Arba Foundation Helps

Identify and Qualify

Family in needs, single mothers and low income family. 

Lactation Guidance

Provide counsellors to support breastfeeding and nutrition.

Cash Handouts

Cash assistance for groceries to help mothers have the means to eat right.  
Our Activities

Frequently Asked Questions

Do ARBA Foundation actually deliver formula milks to mothers from low-income

No, this project is designed to support mothers from low-income household to exclusively breastfeed their babies. Strictly no formula milk or related products are involved in this project.

What is the latest progress of this project?

After being disrupted by the pandemic, currently this project is conducted through online platforms. However, discussions are on-going with our collaborators to shift the project back to physical setting for more optimal impact. 

We are also considering moving this project to the state of Kelantan which record the highest cases of stuntedness among children in Malaysia.

Together we can build a thriving Malaysia

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