The way intervention is designed in ARBA Foundation is PhD worthy
Prof Madya Dr. Zaharah Sulaiman

Close to two million children in Malaysia are living in poverty.

Poor living conditions of our children today are a reflection of our nation’s future.

2 million children in poverty
1 out of 5 children are stunted

1 out of 5 children in Malaysia are stunted. Their cognitive and physical development are impaired.

Poor growth can lead to poor brain development. Young children who suffer from stunting may never be able to gain full cognitive capabilities as the connections between the brain cells are disrupted.

By 2035, 
more than 20% of Malaysians are among those mentally and physically ill while being trapped in multidimensional poverty.

If we don’t stop the poverty trap in these families, they will continue to live poorly, producing malnourished citizens for generations.

This can be detrimental to our nation’s growth, economy and stability. ARBA is committed to stop the poverty trap for these families within one generation.
stop poverty trap in these families
collaboration partners
Why we are different

Real change takes time

Customised long term
solutions are the way forward.

Our mission is to empower children to escape poverty through the whole family approach.

We do this by having a long term commitment to the families we work with. We measure the impact through data collection, analysis and monthly progress evaluations.

Working with our collaborators, we design and execute interventions according to the multidimensional poverty framework, focusing primarily on health, education and well-being.
Step 1

Research & Data

Every problem must be proven by scientific research and meaningful data. This is to ensure we work on the right and the real problem.
Step 2

Follow Through

We establish long term, direct and close relationships with the families, tracking their progress monthly via online and home visits.
Step 3

Measuring Impact

Our regular assessment of the projects, helps us measure the impact being made. This way our work is improved progressively
The direction and effort undertaken by ARBA Foundation are world-class
Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar
International Scholar and Entreprenur
Our Projects


Unconditional monthly cash assistance to help struggling families meet their basic needs. We track their monthly expenditure and try to understand their priorities in spending.


Every child has the potential to be great with their specific talents and gifts. We help them connect to those who can develop their talents and bring the best out of them.
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When I think about the on-the-ground work and reporting, it is ARBA Foundation that always comes to my mind.
Ustaz Ahmad Husni
Pusat Pungutan Zakat, Wilayah Persekutuan
Our Story
Started in the year 2019 with the intention to help stunted children and babies from poor families in Malaysia. Later we realised that what we saw initially was just the tip of the iceberg.
Our Story
our story
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Together we can build a thriving Malaysia

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